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Buzz is a local website serving up users with fresh ideas of things to do in Trinidad & Tobago.

Every citizen of our ever active twin islands is well-aware of our reputation to indulge in great entertainment. However, when asked the question “what’s happening?”, a void could be seen in where to find the answers. We realized the need for an extensive listing of local events, activities and restaurants to assist anyone in their quest for entertainment. From this need, we developed, a user-friendly website geared towards offering this wealth of information to the public.

Our website’s features include a comprehensive listing of events, venues (including restaurants, bars, nightclubs and key event locations), activities and local performers. Our aim is to always lead the way with the best features and opportunities while keeping our users’ experience at the forefront. Beyond our website, we keep our users up-to-date with weekly email newsletters, mobile applications and the strong utilization of social media so that they can always be in the know.

We also saw the opportunity to create a better user-experience through partnering with local businesses. We join with companies to execute promotional advertising, giveaways, and campaigns for constant engagement with the community. This not only provides opportunities to our users to experience complimentary or discounted products and services but promotes local businesses to a larger audience.

Buzz aims to provide a win-win situation for the users, event managers, advertisers, business owners and performers. The site is free for users and cost effective for our advertisers and sponsors.

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