About Buzz

All the ingredients for greatness.

Buzz was designed to fill a need that the Trinbagonian entertainment industry was sorely lacking. It provides a tremendous resource for locals and foreign visitors alike with the idea of bettering our access to information and boosting our knowledge of events, activities, local performers and businesses.

The website was custom-built by our developers to be original, inventive and easily navigated. It is highly functional and rich with features and applications to assist users in their quest for entertainment via the website or any internet based mobile device. We strongly believe in constant development and growth to contend with the relentless technological advancements in our industry.

At Buzz, we understand that the majority of our market will be a younger generation keeping up with what’s happening. With this in mind, we knew a fun, interactive user-platform was needed to capture interest. We have all intentions of not only providing a comprehensive listing, but maintaining a high engagement rate with our users via the various popular social media outlets.

While we knew our need to cater to this market, Buzz’s goal was always to provide this entertainment listing in the simplest form so that even the users with minimum web knowledge could understand and navigate the platform. It was created for everybody to enjoy, not just the current, technologically savvy generation. It is our hopes that we can satisfy users in all demographics by producing an exceptional website.

Buzz caters individually to our Trinbagonian market so that we can do our share in developing our local entertainment industry. We are dedicated to helping locals find entertainment, performers expand their reach and companies grow their business.

Our service not only focuses on listings events and activities but offers giveaways, discounts and specials offers from local businesses. This generates buzz about the businesses we partner with and promotes these companies to our users, thus expanding their client base. We offer affordable advertising and extensive social campaigning choices to assist even the smallest businesses with boosting their commercial awareness.