How we work. How we play. How we live.

Join the team that is a leader in the entertainment industry!

At Buzz, we attract the best in the business because we’re committed to providing a positive work environment and developing leading-edge technologies, services and products that define trends, deliver a better bottom line to our advertisers and partners, and enrich the consumer experience.

We seek exceptional and qualified candidates to join our team. We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and a dynamic, yet challenging work environment that will make you look forward to each new business day.

At the core of Buzz is the belief that you should love what you do. We created a happy, pleasant workplace because it develops happy, productive employees.

Our environment is designed to break up the boredom and fatigue that plague desk jobs to improve the quality of work and mental state of our employees. We work as a team to stimulate the creative process, harvest good communication and fulfill the need to socialize. We always aim to enjoy ourselves and the jobs that we do.

We appreciate lively, inventive teammates who can blend into our daily dynamic of fun. Jobs at Buzz ensure that working becomes a daily enjoyment instead of a daily task.

We believe that developing the right culture and values are essential to serving the best interests of our employees, our clients and our stakeholders. The Buzz Culture has characteristics that not only differentiate us from our competitors but are central to any understanding of who we are. This solid foundation, supported by a currency of trust, is shaped by our core values of Ethics, Communication, Teamwork, Development, Respect and Excellence.

Ethics – We fully honor the ethics, morals and laws applicable to our businesses.

Communication – We are fair, open and honest and we communicate freely.

Teamwork – We achieve more when we work together. We recognize and reward teamwork.

Development – We pursue continuous improvement through education and responsiveness.

Respect – We welcome diversity and treat all with dignity and respect.

Excellence – We strive for the highest quality products and services through continuous improvement.