Introducing the Buzz Blog: What We’re About

Welcome to the Buzz blog. As the first post into what will hopefully become a useful tool to many event planners, promoters and companies alike, I wanted to begin with how Buzz came to be, what you should expect from our future blog posts and what opportunities may be afforded to those who take the time to read what we have to say.

Buzz began with a simple idea; a solution to a missing piece really, that started a long journey into the creation of a new event website for Trinidad & Tobago. In a country saturated with websites dedicated to showcasing events, we saw a gaping hole in their ability to promote these events prior to the events occurring. Thus we want to establish as the reputable go-to; the one resource that lists everything. But as is the beginning of any new business, it will be a long process for the website to reach where we want it to be. In the meantime, we hope for this blog to offer assistance to others while keeping everybody up-to-date on our internal happenings.

Our main purpose will be to provide and share articles, tips, links and resources about event planning and promotions. We will cover all types of events and the various aspects involved in planning and promotions. Topics may range anywhere from where to start when planning, types of photography and the best photographers around, or the most helpful social media practices to utilize in promotions.

Through this blog, we want to learn as much as we share and we hope others will interact with us, comment, provide feedback, and hopefully, contribute their own blog posts as well. Our hope is to be beneficial to the event community and the smaller businesses of Trinidad & Tobago. We may be a small business ourselves, but we have big things in the works and big hopes to help those we encounter along the way. Soon enough, we’ll have our Facebook and Twitter pages buzzing with activity so check back regularly to know what’s happening!

The Buzz Team

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